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About Me

A traveler from Dharamshala helping new travel enthusiasts to explore the beautiful places of Himachal Pradesh. Get in touch with me for more exciting information, packages and unravel the beauty of Dharamshala with your own eyes. My goal is to make traveling exciting for you.

Who I am

I am a travel enthusiast from Dharamshala and I have been traveling around India and Himachal Pradesh for quite a bit now. This is just a way to help out the travel enthusiasts to be in touch with the beauty of Dharamshala and other beautiful places around.

Our vision

The only motive of our website is to enlighten the crowd out there about various exciting places to visit in Dharamshala Himachal Pradesh. We are on a mission to make the tourism of Dharamshala stronger and take things to a new level. We are also helping every visitor with free tour guide, car and driver services. Please feel free to get in touch with us for more exciting offers and services.

Weather Dharamshala Weather Forecast

January 110 C

You can expect 110 C every day during the days in Dharamshala and the sunshine per day can be determined as 6 hours every day for the entire month of January. It is freezing cold in January here and most times you can experience snow fall. The beauty of the snow fall cannot be explained in just mere words. Above all, the scenic beauty of the place keeps increasing during the mid January when you can actually witness the sun rising up early in the morning.

February 120 C

You can expect 120 C In February, the weather of Dharamshala doesn’t change much to January. The everyday weather heats up to just 120 C during the days and you can see the sun for 7 hours. However, if you are a snow lover, you can be rejoiced that during this month too there is snowfall here and if you are visiting in February, you are guaranteed to experience two sorts of climate at once – snowfall and a little bit of sunshine to warm up your day.

March 180 C

You can expect 180 C March is a great time to start your Dharamshala traveling days. Although the snow stops, you can still feel the chill going through your bones. The environment here in March is just so beautiful as the flowers starts blooming and the trees starts to bud….it is divine and pure. The climate reaches up to highest level of 180 C during the days in Dharamshala and the sun likes to stay up for 7 long hours.

April 240 C

You can expect 240 C The month of various “melas” and events, April is one of the most preferred months to visit Dharamshala for most travelers and tourists. The blooming bud and the budding trees starts to grow more, making Dharamshala look like a heaven. During this month, plenty of Mela or fairs are organized by various religious groups. Even if not for religious matters, visiting these fairs does lighten up everyone’s mood. The temperature during the month of April rises up to 240 C during the days in Dharamshala but the nights are still cold and chill. The sun however stays up for almost 8 hours every day.

May 280 C

You can expect 280 C A little bit of warmth can be felt from the month of May. The temperature rises up to 280 C every day and the sun stays up to 9 long hours. Although the temperature rises, visitors still don’t feel that hot because of the occasional and seasonal rainfall. And rainfall in Dharamshala is just heaven on earth!

June 300 C

You can expect 300 C You know how June can be in India. The scorching heat may irritate you in the rest of the parts of India during this month, but Dharamshala however beg to differ in this particular experience. The temperature however, rises up to 300 C and the sun stays as long as 9 hours. But you are still not likely to feel “that” hot here. The seasonal rainfall can be taken into account while understanding the situation here. And guess what after it rains and the rain finally stops, you can see the beautiful mountains standing right there with pride – they look astonishingly beautiful and you just cannot miss the chance of visiting them.

July 280 C

You can expect 280 C The temperature starts to fall after June and during July it falls up to 280 C. These are the days when you can take a break from your heavy work schedule and escape to this beautiful place for some refreshment and air. The weather here in July is extremely soothing and refreshing – like the glass of lemonade you drink to get rid of the scorching hot after a long day.

August 270 C

You can expect 270 C From the month of August, people start finding the winter days back again as the wind starts to blow giving you the vibes of winter. You know that winter is coming and you prepare yourself. The temperature again goes down to 270 C and it hints that there is going to be snowfall soon. The month is full of expectations for people who love winter. Are you one of them?

September 260 C

You can expect 260 C The winter vibes continues to root inside your mind on September with a little amount of rain. The temperature however goes down to 260 C and sun stays up for a long period of 8 hours. The fairs start to reassemble again as the days of “Navratras” approaches. This is another most wanted season to visit Dharamshala.

October 230 C

You can expect 230 C The month of October starts with a festive vibe and you can see fairs being held in few places. However, the winter starts to hit off again and the snowfall starts. The temperature can be up to 230 C every day and the sun stays up as long as 9 hours.

November 180 C

You can expect 180 C The snowfall begins heavily during the month of November and if you are a fan of snows and winter, you should definitely visit Dharamshala this time of the year. the temperature goes down till 180 C and still as the sun stays up for 9 hours a day, you can feel a bit of warmth too during the days. It is like a song of ice and fire.

December 130 C

You can expect 130 C The month of December is the second coldest month of all with a maximum temperature of just 130 C every day. The most exciting part is the snow as it covers the entire Dharamshala completely. It looks as amazing as you see in the TV and one cannot simply imagine the beauty without experience the same with his own eyes. Fan of snow? Visit Dharamshala now!

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