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Dal Lake

The “Devabhoomi” Himachal Pradesh has a tremendous amount of beauty in terms of nature and valleys. The place is bliss when it comes to the variety of beautiful things to look at and enjoy the serenity. A lot of people travel to this “land of God” to escape from the chaotic city life for once n a while.

With everything beautiful around, the Dal Lake in Kangra Valley, Mcleodganj in Himachal Pradesh is another beautiful place to visit. Most often, people love going on a trek and enjoy the beautiful scenario of the place. Flanked by lush greenery and blooming trees, the placid Dal Lake is counted amongst the major tourist attractions of McLeod Ganj.
Quaint and clam, Dal lake is filled with greenish water. The lake is shielded by the rugged mountains and luscious forest of deodar trees. On the bank of the Dal Lake, tourists can see the famous Shiva temple.
Dal Lake is actually considered quite holy and you would definitely be surprised to see a beautiful lake just in the middle of the mountain. If you wish to complete the circle of the lake then it will take you almost 2 hours.
Every local from Kangra valley takes a holy dip into the lake on every Janmasthami and they believe it helps them fulfill their wish.

So why they call it holy? People form Himachal Pradesh believes the lake to be the home for the Hindu Gods – Shiva and Shakti.
However, although the place is extremely beautiful, it isn’t allowed to go for camping around the lake. You can see many small caves around here and some of temporary stone settlements of local people. During their visit to Lam Dal they stay here. These caves are mostly used by Local shepherd called Gaddi. Pilgrims of both the valleys- Kangra and Chamba visit here every year for a Holly dip in the Holy Lake.


The best time to visit the beautiful lake between the days of May – October. However, most people visit the place during the month of September. The reason is, during September, a beautiful fair is held on the bank of the lake which is attended by the people of the Gaddi tribe in a large number. The fair is celebrated to mark the presence of Lord Shiva. Dal Lake is a perfect site to laze around with picnic baskets as one can enjoy boating and many other activities.


Reaching the Dal Lake premises is easy. It is 11 kms away from Dharamshala; at Kangra district and you can simply book a cab or take a shared taxi to reach the place.
If you wish, you can contact us and we would be grateful to help you with a tour guide along with a car and a driver. The service from our end will be free and you will be able to enjoy this beauty without any hassle. Hope you have a great time in Dal Lake. Happy Journey.