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Kareri Lake Weather – Know More About The Less Explored Lake

Mountains are all time favourite of nature lovers and people who wish to get a short escape from the busy world. If you are someone who wishes to trek and get immersed in the beauty of nature, then you should look at the best places near you.

If you are in India, then Himachal Pradesh is the place which you should visit. Here you can find many beautiful places which are less explored by many people. This state is at the foothills of the Himalayas and showcases several nature beauty places like lakes, rivers, mountains and many more. One of the best places here is the Kareri Lake Kangra.

This is hidden in the plain sight which is a shallow freshwater lake which is situated in the south of the Dhauladhar range which is approximately 9 kilo metres northwest of Dharamshala, in the Kangra district of Himachal Pradesh.

But before visiting this place, make sure that you know the details about the Kareri Lake weather so that you can know whether you and your family or friends will be comfortable with the weather. Since this place will be cold at times you may witness a severe drop in temperature during the wintertime. if you are someone who can’t tolerate cold temperatures, then don’t forget to check the Kareri Lake weather before visiting this place for safety.

Make your day memorable by visiting the Kareri Lake Kangra:

These places usually attract a large number of tourists from inside and outside the country. Other places like Baijnath Temple, Brajesh wari Temple, Kangra Fort, Dhauladhar range, Mcleodganj and Indrahar pass trek are also the most visited places here. The Kareri Lake Kangra is located at an altitude of 2934 metres above sea level.

This place will create a memory that will stay forever in the visitor’s heart. Since the melting snow is the source of Kareri Lake, this lake will be shallow and very clear. It’s a crystal clear lake and the bed of the lake will be visible to the naked eye. Also, like mentioned earlier know the Kareri Lake weather before visiting it since the lake will freeze during the winter months starting from November till April or May.

Visiting this place is not a difficult task since you will find many transport options to visit the place. Anytime around the year is a good time to visit Kareri Lake and the nearby places. It should be noted that it will be very cold during the winter times. Hence make sure that you have comfortable clothes with you if you visit during these times.

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