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Visit Dal Lake Mcleodganj Dharamshala Himachal Pradesh

There is always something fascinating about travelling to different places. Especially in Himachal Pradesh, you can find many beautiful places hidden here. You just cannot sit in your home after seeing it in images since when you look at these images, you will try to find your way to reach these attractive places.

If you are planning to visit North India, then you must look at the beauty of Dal Lake Mcleodganj Dharamshala Himachal Pradesh. This beautiful place is nature’s blessing and will make anyone calm and stress-free. The wonderful mountains, lust green trees and snow will make the day together exciting and will make the day more memorable.

The calm Kareri lake Kangra is a gorgeous monument and the number of people who visits this place has increased over the years. This lake attracts innumerable tourists within the country and from all over the world.

Travelling tips to the Dal Lake Mcleodganj Dharamshala Himachal Pradesh:

Wear comfortable trekking shoes as you should walk 2 km at a stretch to reach this blissful lake which is surrounded by the forest.
The market is 2 km away from Dal Lake. Hence, if you need any necessary things from there then you should buy them in advance.
If you are someone who cannot bear cold then make sure that you wear comfortable warm clothes so that you will not get cold really.
Also, make sure that you don’t try to swim in the lake since there are snakes and harmful insects in the lake.

Things you can do at Dal Lake Mcleodganj Dharamshala Himachal Pradesh:

1. This is the best trekking place where people from all age groups can enjoy walking to extensive trekking.
2. The tourists can also visit the nearby Shiva temple and offer their prayers to Lord Shiva. Since it is located on the banks of the lake you can easily visit this place.
3. This lake has a facility for a boat ride as the biggest source of entertainment. The tourists who visit the lake can have a memorable and pleasurable activity.
4. If you can get special permission, you can enjoy fishing by the Dal Lake Mcleodganj Dharamshala Himachal Pradesh.

You can find a professional guide near the Kareri lake Kangra if you have language issues. However, the locals in this place are very friendly and you can interact with the people here to know more about the beautiful lake. You can visit this lake at any time of the year because this is a beautiful place.

If you wish to have more fun then you can visit this Dal Lake in September because there will be an ongoing festival in which you can participate and enjoy. Nearby this Dal Lake Mcleodganj Dharamshala Himachal Pradesh, you can find a number of tourist places. Hence all you need is to just plan the trip accordingly so that you can enjoy the trip completely.

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