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How to visit Kareri Lake Kangra, Himachal Pradesh

How to visit Kareri Lake Kangra, Himachal Pradesh

At the point when your daring soul longs for something energizing, you should consider getting your daring soul a treat. A treat called a trek towards the Kareri Lake. The magnificence of the Kangra region, Kareri Lake Kangra and Aghanjar Mahadev Temple nearby is a standout amongst the most acclaimed goals for the visitors and many individuals visit this wonderful lake consistently.

A standout amongst the most energizing things you can do here in the Kareri Lake is going out for a trek. The wonderful icy mass is situated at a height of 3,300 m over the ocean level and it is one of the most astounding elevation lakes in Kangra locale. The lake appears as though one of those delightful Hollywood goals you find in the films. The Kareri Lake is shaped by the inflow of liquefied waters from the Mankiani Peak. Encompassed by mountains spotted with snow-capped trees, the Kareri Lake fills in as a base for trekkers hitting the trailing tracks profound into the Dhauladhar run and past towards Minkiani Pass at 4,250 meters and Baleni Pass at 3,710 meters.

The Kareri lake Kangra trek takes you the most lovely and rich sub-tropical pine woodlands. The primary reason individuals love the perspective of the thick woods is on account of it is loaded with chir and chilgoza pines, blended with expansive leaf species. They are additionally host to a high thickness of fledgling life which is effortlessly seen in the backwoods. The place is greatly wonderful and along these lines individuals love to go for a trek.

The trek of the Kareri Lake takes you to different trails. While the primary portion of the trail takes you to the wonderful woods, the second 50% of the trail takes you to the rough and the most delightful fields along the lake-sustained Nyund nallah which fills in as both guide and reviving partner.

The Kareri Lake is frosty and you can truly observe snow gliding comfortable surface of the lake and that view is simply stunningly excellent.


The Kareri Lake trek begins from the exceptionally excellent McLeod Ganj and after that bit by bit prompts the Kareri town – where you have to pass a pine backwoods at the 1800 m – alongside a couple of different towns. From Kareri town there is a slow climb to Kareri Lake, winding and winding through thin edges and setting out upon a thick timberland of oak.

On the off chance that you ascertain your days when you touch base from Delhi to McLeod Ganj, at that point the aggregate number of days you spend amid your trek is around 6 days. The seventh day, you can make a beeline for Delhi.