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Aghanjar Mahadev Temple – Most Popular Places To Visit In India

Hindu temples are always been instrumental when it comes to Indian traditions, architecture and art. Nowadays no holiday in India can be called as the complete one without one visiting at one or few temples in North India. Each and every temple here reflects the strength of faith, architectural genius and dedication of the people. Since this place is especially for worship, the temple is the splendid example of art and the temples in India has always been praised for its magnificence and opulence.

Especially the Aghanjar Mahadev temple Dharamshala is something which you can’t miss when you visit Himachal Pradesh. Dharamshala is extremely naturally endowed place in the Himalayas which offer a wide range of mesmerizing tourism options. But you can’t miss setting your eyes on the Aghanjar Mahadev temple to complete your trip with one of the most beautiful memories. If you don’t have an idea of how to plan for your trip then you can visit Free Guide For You to know everything about this temple and trip.

How to make your trip to Aghanjar Mahadev temple a memorable one?

The most attractive site in Dharamshala is the Aghanjar Mahadev temple which also has an interaction with nature. For nature lovers, this place will be an impressive one since you can glide through the fresh air and climb the rocks to make your way to the temple. As a tourist, you must enjoy yourself to fullest during your trip to Aghanjar Mahadev temple Dharamshala. Hence it is important to gather all the information so that you can enjoy the trip completely.

This temple is well known for Lord Shiva and lies in the foothills of the Dhauladhar, in the village of Khaniyara. It is believed that this temple is 500 years old and the history of this temple takes you back to the era of Mahabharata. In this era, one of the Pandavas named Arjuna was on his way to Kailash Mountains, at that time Lord Shiva suddenly appeared before him at this spot. A stairway from the temple ground will lead you to the small cave set in the midst of the flowing river. Within this cave, you can find the small statue of Lord Shiva with a Trishul, the weapon of Lord Shiva.

This Aghanjar Mahadev temple Dharamshala is a remarkable place where you can find many pilgrims visiting from all parts of India. This temple is in amidst of beautiful sceneries, will provide instant peace and calm to anyone visiting this place. The beautiful mountain peaks and the fresh smell of nature will make everyone get mesmerized and provide relaxation to mind. Also, if you are an enthusiastic photographer, then you can visit this Aghanjar Mahadev temple to get interesting photos.

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