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Aghanjar Mahadev Temple Dharamshala – The Best Attractions Of India

With the beautiful natural places, Dharamshala is the delighted place for all the tourists. This Dharamshala is located in the Kangra valley, which is one of the most alluring places of Himachal Pradesh. This hill station is the ideal place to do many things. You can explore the Tibetan culture and Buddhism here. The culture of Dharamshala is a perfect blend of spirituality and serenity. Even though there are many religious places here, the Aghanjar Mahadev Temple Dharamshala is the beauty of nature and has mesmerizing views. Thus if you wish to wish the Mahadev Tempe then it is worth choosing it.

This Aghanjar Mahadev Temple is well renowned for Lord Shiva and is believed to be 500 years old. There is a history for this spot mentioned in the era of Mahabharata. It is believed that when Arjuna, one of the Pandavas was on his way to Kailash Mountains Lord Shiva suddenly appeared to him at this spot and blessed him to gain victory in the battle against Kauravas. A stairway from the temple ground leads you to the small cave set. Here you can see Lord Shiva with a Trishul (the weapon of Lord Shiva). This place is very famous and many pilgrims flock from all parts of India visit this place.

Why Aghanjar Mahadev Temple Dharamshalais very famous?

You can find the Aghanjar Mahadev Temple in the midst of the forest and shining white mountain peaks. The fresh smell of nature and beautiful green scenery will make you relaxed instantly. This place will be full of peace and tranquillity so that one can experience pure peace within them. The beauty of nature in the Aghanjar Mahadev Temple Dharamshalais an ideal place for the nature lovers and individuals who love photography. If you are thinking about visiting this temple then you can visit Free Guide For You to know more details so that you can plan your trip.

It is famous because it is said that Lord Shiva appeared here and the Lord Shiva ideal is in mediating posture and Lord hanuman can also be seen in this temple. There is no best time to visit the Aghanjar Mahadev Temple. Anyone can visit the temple on a daily basis, it is said that many devote and visitors visit the temple frequently. Hence there is no restraint in paying a visit to this temple. At Maha Shivaratri, you can see a major festival taking place here at the temple.

In this auspicious day, many devotees of Lord Shiva start visiting the temple from the early hours of the day. You can either visit the place individually or plan for a family trip to this temple. This Aghanjar Mahadev Temple Dharamshala is around 5kms far from Dharamshala region. Since this place is totally beautiful and is encompassed by mountains and charming stream you can enjoy the trip completely. For more information, visit Free Guide For You to get amazing services to plan your tour.

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