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Know The Beauty Of Bhagsu Waterfall Mcleodganj

If there is one stop which you should not miss when you visit the Mcleodganj is Bhagsunag. The temple and waterfall is the major attraction in this place. These falls and temple are located in the holy village of Bhagsunag and its located high in the hills of Dharamshala. At the height of 6,960 feet above sea level, this is a gorgeous place which many people haven’t visited yet. It’s an ultimate beautiful place which you can’t miss.

Here at the Bhagsu Waterfall Mcleodganj, you can see the rolling hills, eye-catchy waterfalls, cafes and temples which is a great way to spend your time. Whether you are visiting this place in the morning, afternoon or evening – it’s a perfect place for you to relax. If you are in a place where there is never-ending heat of summer, then you can visit the Bhagsu Falls Mcleodganj to beat the heat.

A flock of people visit this waterfall, especially during the summer season in their place to cool off. So, it will be the best choice to join them if you wish. Bhagsunag waterfall is not far from the main hub of Mcleodganj. You can easily trek to the waterfall if you wish to enjoy watching the scenery of the place.

You will really fall in love with the little beautiful mountains. It will be very fresh and clean when compared to the mountain stations in other parts of India. The best time to visit the place is monsoon, you can get relaxed and cool off here among the mountains and clouds.

Things to know about the Bhagsu Waterfall Mcleodganj:

The great thing about the Bhagsu Waterfall Mcleodganj is that it’s free to visit. So, if you are on a budget trip, then this place is the perfect choice for you. So, how can you reach the Bhagsu Falls Mcleodganj? You can catch a local bus to reach Dharamshala or book an auto or taxi for it. The Bhagsu Falls Mcleodganj and the village are located around 30-45 minutes walk away from the main hub. Hence, you can also walk to the waterfalls and during this walk, you can witness the most beautiful scenery here.

But know that this distance depends on where you are staying. It is common that you get confused on where to stay at this place. If you find it difficult to plan your trip then visit Free Guide For You. Here you can get the right guidance which you can use to plan your trip to Mcleodganj. We will also offer you the best place to accommodate and help you choose the right hotels where you can get the food based on your preference all the time.

You can wear any comfortable dress when you are visiting the waterfall. On cold days, you will find the water is too cold to swim. Hence make sure to visit the Bhagsu Waterfall Mcleodganj based on your health condition. If you can tolerate the cold water then you can enjoy your time in this place. This place will also tempt you to visit again if you visit once.

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