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Traveling to Bhagsu Waterfall Mcleodganj

Mcleodganj is famous for one of its various wonders – the Bhagsunag falls. The Bhagsunag falls is basically a beautiful stream that has enchanting beauty which makes the tourists fall in love with the place.

When we talk about the Bhagsunag waterfall in Mcleodganj, we talk about a waterfall that has a cascade of 30 ft during monsoons. Decorated with slate graffiti, the mountain side of the fall is among the highlights of the tourist spot.

This freshwater spring at the base of Dhauladhar range is considered holy among the Hindus. The water of the fall flows through the temple of Bhagsunag into the pools where the devotees of the temple, or the people who come to visit the place, take a holy dip to get rid of their miseries. Bhagsu Waterfall is connected with Bhagsu Temple with a boulevard.

Story behind the Bhagsu Fall

There are several myths and stories related to the Bhagsunag temple and the stream. The story of how the falls was created takes us to 5000 years back when King Bhagsu tried his best to prevent his kingdom from being ruined the drought and how he had to fight with Nag Devata in order to do that. However, at the end when Bhagsu says sorry to the Serpent king and tells him about the problem his kingdom is facing Nag Devata allows water to fall from his Nag Dal creating the Bhagsu Nag fall. This is the myth that has been surrounding the fall for many years now.

The growing popularity of the fall

The Bhagsu fall is popular among the tourists and travelers among the world because of its enchanting beauty and its mesmerizing surrounding. You can experience the beauty of the fall even from the verandah of the Bhagsunag temple and enjoy the beautiful sceneries. The Bhagsu falls however, is about 1km away from the temple and the only way to reach out to the Bhagsu falls is by walking this 1km. If you are thinking that it might tire your feet away, then let us tell you, that the walk through the passage of the temple to the falls is really easy and you will forget every bit of your tiredness once you experience the beauty of the place.

The Bhagsu temple however, is another attraction that people love to visit. Every year, a lot of devotees come to visit the Bhagsu Nag temple and the falls for their peace of mind.