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Kareri Lake Dharamshala – Why Choose Dharamshala For Your Trip?

If adventures and hill stations attract you then you will have several options in India. While there are many places in India, the most popular choice among the people is Himachal Pradesh. People nowadays love to take a look at the beauty of nature when they are stressed. This makes them visit the hill stations when they have free time from their busy work.

For those who are planning the next trip, look for the best places near Mcleodganj which is worth visiting. Dharamshala is a very beautiful place and breathtaking that you should visit at least once in your lifetime. For those who are confused about Dharamshala visiting places know that there are many places such as Tsuglagkhang complex, Bhagsunag temple, Bhagsunag waterfalls, Kareri Lake Dharamshala and many more.

What Are Other Places to Visit Other Than Kareri Lake Dharamshala?

1. Tsuglagkhang complex – It was built during the visit of the Dalai Lama in 1959. Know that it is one of the best places near Mcleodganj to visit. If you are a person who has more religious interests then you have to visit this place. Apart from all the activities such as peace and meditation, the place has started to host various activities such as music and dance activities to keep the tourists entertained.places near mcleodganj2. Bhagsunag Temple – If you are looking for the best religious Dharamshala visiting places then Bhagsunag temple is the right choice for you. The temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva and is indeed one of the most historical and most visited temples here. The altitude of the temple along with the mesmerizing beauty of the surroundings makes it a must-visit place.

3. Kareri Lake Dharamshala – One of the most popular Dharamshala visiting places is Kareri Lake. This lake will bring you the most calming and soothing experience because the scenery will be very beautiful here. You can also enjoy boating and night camping at Kareri Lake Dharamshala. Overnight camping will help you get a splendid experience.

4. Bhagsunag waterfalls – While visiting the temple of Bhagsunag you can move upslope will help you find the waterfalls. This waterfall is called Bhagsunag waterfalls or Bhagsu falls. It is the most popular and attractive place in Dharamshala. This waterfall is the best choice to visit since it will offer you peaceful vibes no matter how stressful you are.

5. Dharamshala cricket stadium – If you love sports, then you should not miss visiting the beautiful cricket stadium in Dharamshala. The mountains around the stadium are the major attraction for tourists and cricket fans. During the winter season, you will have the best view of the stadium.dharamshala visiting placesIf you are someone whose body condition doesn’t suit the cold time then you can avoid visiting these places during the winter time. These individuals can plan the trip to Dharamshala visiting places during the summer while others can visit during the winter time. it will be an ideal spot for relaxation and will make you calm instantly. After busy weeks and tiring days, you can visit Dharamshala for relaxation. If you find it difficult to plan the trip then contact Free Guide For You today to plan your trip perfectly.

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