Oct  19,  2020 by admin

Why HPCA Cricket Stadium Dharamshala is a Top Spot

Tourists visiting Dharamshala get one or another surprise. The HPCA cricket stadium Dharamshala is one of the biggest tourist attractions. Tourists get the first-hand experience of what it feels to play at such a high altitude. Dharamshala has several tourist spots. The inclusion of a cricket stadium has made a...

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Oct  14,  2020 by admin

How Kareri Lake Weather Distills the Negative Energy

The serene environment does wonders for the body, mind. Kareri lake weather calms the senses. You drop the weight of things bothering you for a long time. The transformation begins, and there's no looking back. The mountains, clear blue sky, snow-peaked summits take you on an imaginative ride. Before you...

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