Nov  10,  2020 by admin

The Great Dal Lake In Himachal Pradesh To Get A Wonderful Memory

If you have never been to a place full of life and lights, then you have missed one of the great experience in your life. Dharamshala is the place which is absolutely full of life at the same time interesting. The forests and its smooth breeze in this place will...

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Nov  02,  2020 by admin

The Dalai Lama Temple Dharamshala Channelizes Inner Energy

Dalai Lama temple Dharamshala is the pride of the town. There is an air of serenity, peace, calmness flowing around. What else would you expect from the personal monastery of the Dalai Lama? Visiting Namgyal Tantric College is an enriching experience. You may return after paying a visit alone to...

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