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Experience Your Beautiful Days At Bhagsu Nag Shiv Mandir

Do you think about visiting the beautiful villages and mountains at least once in your lifetime? Do you wish to see the evergreen state of fresh air and happy people? Then all you need is to travel to Himachal Pradesh where you can find all these in one place. Almost all of us would have at least head the name McLeodGanj which is located in Himachal Pradesh. Falling under the district of Dharamshala this is one of the unique places which you can’t miss visiting once in your lifetime. You can visit many places near this place especially, you can visit the Bhagsu Nag Shiv Mandir which is one of the most visited places here by the devotees from all over the country.

This place also attracts the international tourists since it is one of the ancient Hindu temples which is dedicated to Bhagsu Nag, the snake god and Lord Shiva. The freshwater spring, in which the devotees take a holy dip flows through the temple. The beautiful waterfall which is near the Bhagsu Nag Shiv Mandir McLeodGanj is worth to take a visit since it is one of the most mesmerizing places you can visit here. If you don’t know how to plan your trip then you can get the guidance from Free Guide For You so that you can plan your trip perfectly and be stress-free.

Your simple guide to Bhagsu Nag Shiv Mandir:

Bhagsu village is becoming one of the main tourist spots in recent years. Many people from all over the country and different countries visit this place to explore the beautiful places here. Thus, the village is now filled with a wide range of accommodation options and many restaurants. Hence you will feel comfortable in visiting the Bhagsu Nag Shiv Mandir since you can find all the necessary services here. The beautifully built Bhagsu Nag Shiv Mandir McLeodGanj with the Dal Lake near is the best-sacred place you can visit in your recent times.

You can also visit the Bhagsu waterfall which is 2 km away from McLeodGanj. It lies behind the Bhagsu Nag Shiv Mandir McLeodGanj and during the monsoon, the fall turns into a 30 feet cascade beside the mountain that looks like a piece of artwork and makes the visitors get mesmerized in its beauty. Tourist usually enjoys taking a dip in this waterfall but some may feel very cold. Hence you can take a good dip if you are comfortable with the climate and cold temperature of the water.

Thus, we at Free Guide For You help you plan the trip properly to the Bhagsu Nag Shiv Mandir. If you wish to relax instantly then you must visit Dharamshala since it is a unique place which is full of beautiful sceneries. Here you can enjoy yourself by seeing the environment and the mountains which stand beautifully. Since this local place has developed to the busy tourist place, you don’t need to worry about the accommodation and food since you can find the best places here for all your needs.

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