Sep  28,  2017 by admin

Visiting Kareri Lake in Dharamshala

We all like to travel where some of us like to travel in cities than some of us in the beauty of nature since we all have different choices and interests. But unlike the city traveler those who like to travel in nature have to endure more difficulties and hardness.

If you are a traveler who is searching for a high altitude, freshwater lake then you should come to Kareri lake in Dharamshala located in the range of Dhauladhar, approximately 9 km North West of Dharamsala in the district of Kangra, Himachal Pradesh. Triund or Indrahar Pass circuit is one of destination for most of the traveler but if you are looking for a quieter-richer experience then Kareri lake is your place.

• The main attraction of Kareri Lake: Many who are crossing over Dhauladhar to various exciting pass, Kareri Lake became one of their main base camps. Some of the most popular passes around Kareri Lake are Bleni pass and Minkiani pass. The distance between Bleni pass becomes 20 km if you travel from Kareri Lake to Bleni pass and then travel back to Kareri Lake. Minkiani pass is nearer then Bleni pass, you will reach it if you just travel 4.5 km from Kareri Lake.

• Campsite around Kareri Lake: One of the main attractions of the Kareri lake trek is its frozen state during from early December to march-April. As the lake is in the Dhauladhar range its frozen or melting state gives it an amazing beauty attracting traveler to itself. The trekking path of Kareri Lake consists of many adventurous places and it starts in the Kangra district of Himachal Pradesh. Tyrolean Traversing, local tours are the exciting activities you can take part while on the trekking of Kareri Lake.

• Reaching Kareri Lake: In order to reach Kareri Lake you can rent or take any vehicle from Dharamshala to Ghere village which is approximately 20 km away from it. When you reach the main bazaar then you need to go toward a bridge which is crossing over Bhote Khosi. When you will cross the bridge your trekking will start. From there you need to take a left and then upwards along the Kareri stream. You need to stick with the road that goes along with the river because of the divergence of the road. After almost hiking in that forest for 30 minutes you will reach a governmental school. Then the place you will reach is called Sari village. And from there after you travel almost 2 km distance you will reach your destination Kareri village.