Oct  13,  2017 by admin

Visiting to Dal Lake Himachal Pradesh

Staying to long in your home and office work is really can get to bore you to death, so time to time we always plan holiday trip to travel around the world and seek new destination. If you a person who love snow, mountains, forest, lakes etc then Himachal Pradesh is one of your Ideal destinations. And if you have more interested in visiting any eye catching lake surrounded by mountains and forests then you can choose your destination in Dal Lake.

The Dal Lake in Himachal Pradesh is a beautiful greenish lake surrounded by rugged mountains and forest of deodar tree giving it an amazing beauty. This Quaint and calm natural beauty is located in the Kangra district of McLeod Ganj in Himachal Pradesh about 1,775 meters above sea level. This lake consist of various types of fish but due a legend that the lake is cursed no one catch and eat the fishes there and ironically due to the fact that there is temple of Shiva situated in the bank of the lake, the lake is also considered to be sacred.

From May to October the situation of the lake is very good and became an ideal time to visit its calmness. But due to a fair organized in the month of the September on the bank of the lake which is attend by a large number of Gaddi tribe the amount of tourist visiting the lake increases. Dal Lake is a major tourist attraction spot of McLeod Ganj due to its perfect size to enjoy boating and other activities while enjoying your picnic.

To reach Dal Lake in McLeod Ganj, Himachal Pradesh you have to travel to the main market of the Kangra district. From there Dal Lake is 2 km away near the village of Tota Rani, so you can walk from there or can rent any auto to reach the lake from the bus stand. And for those who are in Naddi village the distance between the lake and the village is just 1 km. So you can reach the lake by walking while enjoying the open mountain views and beautiful wide valleys offered by the place.

Since the Dal Lake is situated in a very high place in Himachal Pradesh the climate during the winter season is very harsh. Sometimes the temperature drops to below the freezing point which causing the people to wear heavy woolen cloths. But as the summer come this unpleasant situation go way and people can enjoy various things around the lake. So that is why if you are thinking about coming to Dal Lake then September is your ideal time.