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Travelling to Dal Lake Himachal Pradesh

Having trouble deciding your place to visit during this vacation? It the place you are looking for is a wonderful lake surrounding by beautiful mountains and forests and an ideal place for picnic and various adventure then Dal Lake in Dharamshala is your ideal place.

Dal Lake Himachal Pradesh is an ideal holiday destination and it is located at the height of 1,775 meter above the sea level very near of the village Tota Rani in the Kangra district of McLeod Ganj. The name Dal Lake is taken from the beautiful breathtaking Dal Lake of Srinagar. The Lake is surrounded by beautiful forest of Decor tree and rugged mountain which gives you the feeling of a marvellous outstanding place to be at. The color of the lake is a little greenish and has a very quaint and calm environment and is home to various kinds of fishes.

Even though the lake is home for various fishes but no one dared to catch and eat those fishes due a legend and according to the legend the lake is cursed. But the ironically in the bank of the river there is a temple of Shiva is situated and because of this some believe that the lake is sacred. At the bank of the lake there is also a grand fair held every year. In the month if September this festival is held to signify the presence of Lord Shiva and attend by a large number of people of the tribe Gaddi.

The ideal time to visit Dal Lake is from May to October, because during these times the weather of Dharamshala is very friendly and also in the September you can enjoy the grand festival of Dal Lake. And for stay there are lot of hotels are located around the lake to enjoy its beautiful view.

To reach Dal Lake you have travel 2 KM from the main market of Kangra district. If you don’t like to walk from there then you can take an auto from the bus stop. If you are staying in the Naddi village then the road to Dal Lake is very beautiful and just one kilometer away and walking is the best way to reach it.

Himachal Pradesh is a clod region and since Dal Lake is situated in a very high location so winter season is very harsh there and sometimes even the temperature is even drop below to zero degree. But summer is a very pleasant season there and allows people to enjoy various things around the lake so if you are thinking about to coming to Dal Lake then the best time is September.