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Experience Something New With Tourist Places In Mcleodganj

Dharamshala is a town filled with different cultures and beauty surrounding it. The city of Dharamshala is not only filled with beauty but also with a rich history. When you visit Himachal you must visit tourist places in Mcleodganj, if you want to enjoy the full beauty of Himachal Pradesh without leaving anything. There are many tourist places in Mcleodganj is to consider when you visit Dharamshala but worry not we will try to list every Mcleodganj tourist places which you might like.

Mcleodganj tourist places
When you visit Dharamshala you cannot miss visiting Mcleodganj. The place Mcleodganj is like the crown of the city Dharamshala which sits upon the top of the head of Dharamshala. And the beauty of Mcleodganj certainly shows that. The Mcleodganj is filled with different cultures and lots of beauty, here you can find beautiful waterfalls, high mountains on which you can track, and different types of religious temples and monasteries.

The place Mcleodganj is known through Himachal Pradesh for its beauty and Tibet settlement. And there many different things which you can experience when visiting Mcleodganj and we try to list every one of them for you, so you travel safely and experience every last drop of its beauty when visiting Dharamshala.

St. John church
The St. John church otherwise known as john of wilderness is one of the most beautiful and least known Mcleodganj tourist places in Dharamshala. This church was built in 1851 and it has a rich history behind it. This church was built in the dedication of john of baptism and it is located in the middle of the deodar forest and this is where the john of wilderness name came from. When you visit this church not only do you experience the history behind it but also the beauty of the deodar forest where it is located.

Bhagsunag temple
The Bhagsunag temple, one of the most ancient temples located in India. This temple is located 3 K.M far from Mcleodganj and this is a place which you can not miss. This ancient temple which is surrounded by lush greenery and a beautiful pool is something that can provide you with peace and help you provide with the experience of Himachal culture. The Bhagsunag temple is both highly revered by local Gorkha and Hindu communities and the water pool surrounding it is believed to be sacred and contain healing powers.

Bhagsu falls
The Bhagsu falls is one of the most famous tourist attractions in Dharamshala and you cannot miss visiting it when you go to Mcleodganj. This beautiful waterfall has attracted many tourists from all over India and you can also experience its beauty when visiting to Dharamshala. This beautiful waterfall helps you experience a moment of peace and help get rid of mental fatigue while providing the one of most beautiful scenery which you might have seen.

Namgyal monastery
The Namgyal monastery is one biggest monasteries located outside of Tibet and is believed to be abode by the Tibetan spiritual leader Dalai lama in Mcleodganj. These tourist places in Mcleodganj which are also known as the Dalai Lama temple are known to bring peace to the mind of visitors while helping them get a grasp of Tibetan culture.