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St John Church Mcleodganj To Enjoy Nature And History

One of the best places to visit where you can enjoy nature to your heart content, snow clouded mountains, and friendly people, is heart one district kanga Dharamshala. It is one of the most famous places to visit in the whole of Himachal Pradesh and with lots of tourist attractions like St John church Mcleodganj.

Visit new places to enjoy and relax

Nowadays there aren’t many places where you can find a reach nature and relaxing place without noise. But in Dharamshala, you enjoy nature, history, and peace which are hard to find anywhere else. There are many places in Dharamshala which are full of history and nature like St John church Mcleodganj, memorial garden and Kangra art museum, places like this are dull of history.

St John church Mcleodganj

While many people do not know but there is a place called St John church which is also known as St John in the wilderness. This church in Dharamshala is located almost 8 K.M from Dharamshala situated in Forsyth ganj. This angelic church in Dharamshala was built by the British in 1852 and was dedicated to the baptism of St John. This church in Dharamshala is one the oldest building in the region and is situated in a place where you enjoy its beauty while feeling relaxed with nature surrounding it.

And not only that it the place of resting of Lord Elgin who was former viceroy of India, but it is also the place of resting of lt. general of Punjab David McLeod whom the place was named after.

Here you can see why this plays so much importance in the history of Dharamshala and Mcloedganj. This place is not only famous amongst history lovers but also for people who love to relax in the shade of nature while enjoying the peaceful scenery.

Beauty of Dharamshala

The beautiful town of Dharamshala is known for many things all over India. Here you can find adventure, nature, culture, entertainment, knowledge, and a blend of different religions. Visiting Places like Triund and St John church Mcleodganj is a great way to spend your vacation with your friends and family in Dharamshala. It does not matter whom you are traveling with or what are your preferences, here in Dharamshala you will find everything which you might need or things which you could enjoy at your heart content without wasting any single second in trivial worries with the Free Guide For You. Free Guide For You will provide every information you need which will be helpful for your visit, so you enjoy your trip without any problems.