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Travailing to Bhagsu Nag Shiv Mandir, Dharmashala

Dharmashala is one of major tourist spot of Himachal Pradesh, which attract traveller from all over the world. Dharmashala consist of many attractive tourist points like various lakes, mountain range and beautiful forest and it worshiped by pilgrims as various temples and monastery is also located in Dharmashala. Dharmashala is not just popular for its tourist it also attract trekker to enjoy various adventure of it.

One of the famous places of Dharmashala which is very sacred for Hindu pilgrims and also one of very attractive tourist point is Bhagsu Nag Shiv Mandir. It is located at an altitude of 6,960 feet above the sea level in the holy village of Bhagsu Nag in McLeod Ganj in Kangra district of Himachal Pradesh. The distance between the McLeod ganj and Bhagsu Nag village is just only 2 Km and you can take any auto rickshaw or taxi to reach it but walking is the most suitable and comfortable way to reach it as there is no traffic jam in walking.

Bhagsu Nag village is popular among the tourist for the Temple of Shiva and a 30 feet waterfall. The entrance of the temple is made by white tiles and has a huge bell in it and the rest of the way which lead to the temple is constructed by marbles.

The temple of Shiva is a sacred place so there are few things you need to mind as dress properly since it’s a place for worship, photography is strictly prohibited so don’t bother to bring your camera over there and maintain your orderly behaviour and also don’t try to sneak into restricted area which might cause you trouble.

Even if you might face some restriction in the temple but there are lot of thing you can do and enjoy too.

• Since it is a temple you can go watch and pray to chief deity.

• The waterfall Bhagsu fall is just 1 Km way from the temple of Shiva, so you can take a hike around the temple and enjoy its peacefulness and natural beauty.

• There is a pool of cool water in the premises of the temple, so if you want you can take a dip there.

• The photography is only prohibited inside the temple, so you can take the picture of your moment with the natural beauty until your heart is satisfy.

The best time to visit the temple of Shiva of Bhagsu Nag is September since there is an annual festival during that time and the time you need to avoid is monsoons as there is a chance of landslide cause by heavy rainfall.